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Michelin Pilot Mxm4

All-Season High Performance Touring Passenger Car tire. Original Equipment on Vehicles like Cadillac CTS, Acura TL and Mercedes C-Class.


  • European-handling profile with rounder shoulder
  • MICHELIN® Comfort Control Technology™ uses computer-optimized design and precision manufacturing
  • Tread design with MaxTouch Construction™
  • 80,000 km Manufacturer's Treadwear Limited Warranty H/V-Rated
  • 60,000 km Manufacturer's Treadwear Limited Warranty W-Rated
  • 50,000 km Manufacturer's Treadwear Limited Warranty ZP (Zero Pressure)tires W-Rated. (ZP tires have the same mileage warranty as the standard tire line they are part of, but cannot exceed 50,000 kilometres)
  • Standard Limited Warranty All Michelin® Tires


  • For sport handling
  • To reduce vibrations and road noise for a quieter, more comfortable ride
  • For even tread wear and all-season grip


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